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My blog is divided by pages and posts. Pages hold info about me and my trading strategy while posts will share my experiences, research and thoughts.


About Me/Start Here 
Info about me, my contact info, and trading strategy and suggestions for getting started penny stock trading. link

Medicinal Marijuana Tickers The MMJ industry has an ever expanding following and group of companies trying to take advantage of MMJ legislation. link

Pennies Making Cents My chat room participation will be summarized soon.

PennyMann Alerts My alerts to watch and current and past trades. link

PennyMann’s UPtrend Strategy
A discussion of my penny stock trading strategy with summaries and details. link


Use the search option, on the full blog site, to search by title below. The bottom of the full site has a category option to filter by. Or, you can click the link I provide below. 

Basic Trading
25 Penny Stock Axioms 3/4/14
10 Advanced Penny Stock Axioms 3/5/14
Bernard Baruch Quotes 3/10/14
Epic News? 3/9/14
Group Alerters 6/15/14
Many or Few? 4/2/14
Not All Penny Stocks Are Scams 7/22/14
Penny Stock Lifecycle 3/5/14
Sell When? 8/20/14
Short Selling- Real or Mythical Unicorn
Spotting Dilution 6/17/14 4/8/14
To Post Or Not To Post 4/9/14
Toxic Financing 4/7/14
Transparency 4/29/14

Trader Tools
Chat Rooms 7/12/14
Market Players and the L2 Looking Glass 3/21/14
Stock Market Apps 3/16/14
Stock Ticker Buzz Cloud 6/23/14

Fundamental Analysis (FA)
CAPC 6/10/14
Due Diligence Links 3/10/14
Hotstocked 3/23/14

Pumps and Dumps
Bashers 3/5/14
Penny Stock Quotes 3/25/14
P&D Charting 5/20/14
The Shepherd and The Sheep 4/18/14
Transparency 4/29/14

AMMX Analysis 4/28/14
Bottom Bouncer 8/10/14
Capital Preservation 6/7/14
Emotional Trading 3/10/14
Holding Period: Short, Long, or In-Between? 5/8/14
Lucky Seven 4/25/14
Mutual Funds 8/17/14
OTC Advancers 8/15/14
Penny Stock Strategies General 3/6/14
Trader Quotes 3/14/14
UPtrend Strategy and Driving 7/16/14

Technical Analysis (TA)
American Bulls 7/6/14
Chart Patterns 5/10/14
iHub Volume- Red vs Blue 4/26/14
TA Cheat Sheet 4/13/14
Technical Analysis Basics 3/8/13

Here’s a bonus table for recovering losses:
-10% loss -> 11.11% to get back
-20%-> 25%
-30%-> 42.86%
-40%-> 66.67%
-50% -> 100%
-60%-> 150%
-70%-> 233.34%
-80%-> 400%
-90%-> 900%
-100%-> you’re done


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