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Welcome to my watch page! I try to apply my strategy fully with much passion placed in knowing as much as possible from online resources and various analysis. I put my own $$$ where I alert with tracking below.

PennyMann’s OTC Alerts

as of 9/5/14

These are tickers that I would trade if I had free funds.

$CAPC OTCQB 2/26/14 $.0153: Revenue increases with each filing. New products coming with patent. Company has plans for global expansion and Hong Kong office.
Update: 6/30/14 10-Q came early and showed AR and long-term debt reduced. A short-seller is moving the pps down on low volume.
Holding estimate: Long hold.
Last pps: $.0425 (high $.07).

$CCNI OTCQB 8/15/14 $.7499:
Nice 6 month uptrend with entries times by CCI dips. Company news has been silent but Revenue and profit have been increasing with each passing quarter. The company has services tied with Obamacare.
Update: Trading sideways the past few weeks on low volume. 
Holding estimate: 3 months+.
Last pps: $.695 (high $.75).

$NDEV Pink Current 6/27/14 $.22:
Nice 4 month uptrend with a chart pointing to overbought currently. Wait for entry but mid-term looks to keep the uptrend. Company news has been slow but since March uplisting to OTCBB and new management has been PRed. This ticker ties to the NYSE ticker GWPH and both have been on a rare uptrend while the other 250 MMJ tickers have been correcting since March 2014. Float is 17.9 million as of 4/7/14 with 177 million o/s. Financials don’t show much activity so this is a risky hold. 
Update: 4 day downtrend and 4 days sideways like at the end of July. 
Holding estimate: 3 months+.
Last pps: $.391 (high $.45).

$NTEK Pink Current 6/13/14 $.042: Swing trade I’ve been doing for the past year. Promises of 4K content and receiver, NP-1, but slow to show results. 
Update: 5 day uptrend. 
Holding estimate: extended: 3 months+.
Last pps: $.0568 (high $.103).


$$$PRPM 2/21/14 $.0017 -> $.0002
Note: Biggest trading mistake I’ve ever made. On hold in a global lock.
$$CAPC 6/10/14 $.038 -> $.0445 (long)

Dollar signs: $- $1.000<, $$- $1,000-$5,000, $$$- $5,000-$10,000, and $$$$- $10,000+

Results From Trades

I started using to verify my trades in June 2014. I’m not sure if trades are imported from when I became a member but not all my trades are appearing for 2014. I’m not a big Sykes fan but I like showing verified trades to increase transparency.

See my trade history here on

OTC UPtrend On Watch

These are tickers I have on watch to be ready for entry and possibly alert in the future. The goal is to capture gains up to a greed line set before trading.

$AEYE QB $1.03-> $.775
$AYSI PN $1.70-> $1.30
$BRFH QB $.80-> $.77
$CCNI* QB $.62-> $.695
$DUBL PC $.21-> $.27
$EGTK PL $.1469-> $.1499
$MLMN PN $.05-> $.045
$QFOR QB $.55-> $.64
$TVOG PC $.0162-> $.0148
$UDHI PC $.0317-> $.0329

OTC Bottom Bouncers On Watch

These tickers are generally under dilution. Once dilution ends an uptrend is possible. Buy low sell high is the future goal.

$ABKI QB $.80; may be at bottom
$AMPG QB $.025
$BETS PL $.0186
$BICX QB $.124
$BTCS QB $.1249
$CADY PC $.19; may be at bottom
$CBIS QB $.072
$CCOP QB $.024
$CRMBQ PC $.11-> $.155 ($.27 high!)
$DEWM PL $.0028; sideways
$DSCR PL $.0013-> $.0028 ($.003 high!)
$ELED QB $.0368
$ENLB QB $.16
$EWSI QB $.0024
$FPFI PC $.0008
$GLYE QB $.72; sideways
$ICTL QB $.77
$MDFI QB $.038
$NNAN PC $.0013
$QFOR QB $.406-> $.64 ($.70 high! UPtrender)
$RBIZ QB $.12
$REDG PC $.0018
$RITE PC $.0006
$SGLB QB $.12
$SKLN QB $.13; sideways
$STLK PC $.0012
$TNGN QB $.1475
$UBRG PL $.0012
$UGHS PL $.07
$XGEN PC $.0288
$XUII PC $.0011

OTC MMJ Tickers on Watch

$CANV OTCQB 8/15/14 $3.36-> $3.08

The MMJ penny stock industry appears to be slow overall still. Keep on watch as most tickers are approaching 52 week lows

ANN Ticker UPtrends

$AMD $4.13-> $4.15
$ASX $6.28-> $6.11
$ERS $5.90-> $5.42
$LRAD $2.71-> $3.31
$ROX $1.10-> $1.08

ANN Ticker Bottom On Watch

$CCSC $7.43
$CLUB $4.14-> $6.05
$DVR $.76
$ESI $8.40
$FHCO $3.95
$IRG $8.01
$MITK $2.50-> $3.21
$MM $2.37
$MRIN $7.58-> $8.54
$NQ $6.48
$PRKR $1.14
$PT $1.90-> $2.32
$RBCN $6.18
$RNN $.69
$RSH $.58-> $1.20 (high $1.60!)
$TEAR $3.67
$VRNG $.88
$WSTL $1.71

Options Highest Volume
$AAPL $98.35
$ABX $16.74
$BAC $16.35
$BBY $32.14
$EEM $45.31
$EFA $66.29
$HIG $36.84
$PBR $18.35
$QQQ $100.08
$SPY $200.59
$YHOO $41.81

Options High Open Interest
$AAPL $98.35
$BAC $16.35
$C $52.05
$CSCO $24.95
$EEM $45.31
$EFA $66.29
$EWZ $51.42
$F $16.80
$FB $77.89
$FXI $42.29
$GDX $24.19
$GE $26.08
$GLD $120.73
$GM $33.24
$INTC $35.33
$IWM $116.56
$JCP $10.94
$MSFT $46.47
$MU $33.14
$PBR $18.35
$PFE $29.40
$QQQ $100.08
$SLV $18.26
$SPY $200.59
$T $35.01
$VALE $12.46
$VXX $27.51
$XLF $23.47
$YHOO $41.81

Options Low Call/Put Ratio
$ALLT $11.11: Calls $12.50 9/20 $.05x$.15 (overbought)
$ALLY $24.95: Calls $25 9/20 $.25x$.35
$AMSC $1.66: Calls $2 9/20 $.00x.05 (oversold)
$AN $53.86: Calls $55 9/20 $.25x$.40; $60 $.00x$.05 (oversold)
$ARRY $3.63: Calls $5 9/20 $.00x$.05 (oversold)
$GALE $2.39: Calls $2.50 9/20 $.05x$.10 (buy)
$GFI $4.45: Calls $4 9/20 $.41x$.47; $5 $.02x$.04; 10/18 $4 $.51x.54; $5 $.07x$.09; Puts 10/18 $4 $.08x$.10 (sell possibly)
$HPT $29.54: Calls $30 9/20 $.05x$.10; $30 10/18 $.15x$.30 (buy)
$IAU $12.29: Puts $11 10/18 $.00x.05 

Options High Volatilty
$AMPE $ 3.86: Calls $7.50 1/17/15 $.15x$.30 (oversold)
$CONN $29.01: Calls $45 9/20 $.00x$.05; $50 10/18 $.00x$.05; 1/17/15 $60 $.00x$.20 (oversold)
$DNDN $1.30: Calls $1.50 9/20 $.03x$.06
$EDMC $1.23: Calls $2.50 9/20 $.00x$.05; 12/20 $2.50 $.05x$.40 (oversold)
$EXEL $1.85: Calls $2 1/17/15 $.30x$.35 (oversold)
$INFI $14.46: Puts $12 10/18 $.25x$.45
$RSH $1.20: Calls $1.50 10/18 $.19x$.23; Puts $.50 1/17/15 $.14x$.17

Watch Results OTC:

$BTCC $.02 watch 6/11/14 month-> 7/25/14 $.013 with downtrend. Changed from bitcoins to clothing. High $.035.

$CTDH $.96 watch 6/27/14 2 months-> 8/15/14 $.8398. Chart shows weakness mid-term. Pass. 

$GLLA $.28 5/25/14 3 months-> 8/15/14 $.20. Chart trades sideways and the fell. News of FDA approval didn’t occur. Pass.

$ILIV $.0035 watch 6/3/14 2 weeks-> 6/13/14 $.0018 with downtrend. Questions on 10-K/A. Pass.

$UBRG $.002 watch 5/27/14 2 months-> 7/8/14 $.0014 with downtrend. Pass.

$UNGS $.0025 watch 6/27/14 2 months-> 8/15/14 $.0011 with downtrend and dilution. Pass. 

$VAPE $1.20 6/23/14 2 weeks-> High of $3.52 and at $2.18 7/8/14.

Other Info

Please be sure to perform your own due diligence via fundamental (FA) and technical (TA) analysis. You are responsible for your own trades, and alerts are not a solicitation to trade/invest but to give a starting point to decision making.

I’m using Instagram to post charts and analysis now. Links to Instagram posts are below each ticker synopsis. I’m including a results section to show how well an alert could have or has done.

PennyMann Contact info:
WordPress blog

Penny Stock Trading Disclosure/Disclaimer

This Disclosure/Disclaimer must be read and fully understood before using this website or any affiliated or related websites, Facebook pages, twitter page, texts or joining our e-mail list.

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Safe Harbor Statement
PennyMann as defined website, blogs, e-mails, message board posts, charts, video charts, social media and/or any other communications includes forward-looking statements pertaining to future anticipated projected plans, performance and developments, intended to qualify for the safe harbor from liability established by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Any statements on this website that are not statements of historical fact should be considered forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements generally can be identified by phrases such as “believes,” “expects,” “anticipates,” “foresees,” “forecasts,” “estimates,” “intends,” or other words or phrases of similar import. Similarly, statements in this website that describe a company’s business strategy, outlook, objectives, plans, intentions or goals, trading projections, also are forward-looking statements. All such forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements.

STOCK TRADING INVOLVES HIGH DEGREES OF RISK AND YOU CAN LOSE ALL OF YOUR MONEY. Being a successful paper trader during one time period does not mean that you will make money when you actually invest during a later time period. Market conditions constantly change. When investing in securities or options you may lose all of the money you invested. Stock trading and investing involves risk of loss to investment capital and past performance is not a guarantee of future results.


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