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About Me

Hi, my name is PennyMann on the Investor Hub (iHub), Facebook, and Profit.ly, and PennyManniHub on Instagram and Twitter. I’ve been trading stocks for years and work full time in finance. 

We each hold some trading account, or accounts if retirement is included, that need to grow and be safeguarded for future use. We each have different goals for using our accounts with varying risk appetites. I decided to take $1,500, a sum I would not miss should it be lost trading, and place it in a highly risky trading account exclusively trading penny stocks with pps $10 or less. I’ve been trading penny stocks since April 2013 with a goal of having $1 million earned in 5 years. I’m tired of living pay check to pay check and want to trade full-time in the future.

Why should you place me on your radar? I have a passion for penny stock trading, learning chart analysis (TA) and fundamental analysis (FA) techniques, and helping others succeed with their own trading/investing. I offer free chart analysis on Instagram. How many traders have you met that offer help for free? I have a million dollar goal and am on track to meet with results in five years. 

My blog is kind of like my trading journal with pages and posts to document my journey. My pages offer info about me, table of contents for the blog with links to posts, my trading strategy (UPtrend), trade suggestions and what I’m trading, and trading results tracking. My posts are unique stand alone topics that aid traders in garnering gains.

My contact info:

WordPress blog

I’m a part of a chat room hosted by @warrenpuffett, on Instagram, on GroupMe. This chat room acts as a trading group gathering point. Warren requests a donation for chat room entry to compensate him in a small way for management of the chat each day. Please message Warren at ferrarifanforever2004@gmail.com for donation info. I used to host my own free chat room but decided to merge with Warren’s group and donated on behalf of all my trading friends. 

I joined Profit.ly in June 2014 to show traders my verified trades and to increase my transparency. After all, part of developing trust is showing I walk my talk. I encourage all to list their verified trades. 


Start Here

Many new traders ask me, “where should I start?” I always suggest that you start with:

+ An open mind (how here)
+ Network with as many traders as you can (I started on iHub and engrossed myself with all trader posts that interested me)
+ Learn every day and decide what your trading strategy will be (one suggestion here)
+ Test your strategy virtually (paper trading) before using real money for at least a month (try HowTheMarketWorks or Stock Wars iPhone app)
+ Chat with others and ask questions
+ Choose a broker that meets your needs and that won’t charge you too much while trading penny stocks (TDAmeritrade and ETrade are top choices of mine)

If your reading my blog then you’re interested in penny stock trading. My blog offers a wealth of info in regards to penny stocks and I’m adding more material as I get time. 

My Table of Contents organizes my blog with links so that you can choose where to start on my blog. 

Some topic categories I cover are:
+ Basic trading
+ Trader Tools
+ Fundamental Analysis
+ Pump and Dumps
+ Strategy
+ Technical Analysis

Feel free to reach out to me to make suggestions on what topics I should write about or ways I can make your learning experience better. 

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you will continue the penny stock trading journey with me. I believe sharing trading experiences together helps benefit all involved, so please feel free to leave comments and persuasive ideas. May we all see gains!


3 thoughts on “About Me/Start Here

  1. Blake J

    Can’t wait to see where you, and all of us chatting and sharing with you, are in 5 years. It’ll be fun!


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